Steel Door Frames

Powder coated steel door frames are in many parts of Europe and the USA the product of choice for buildings such as schools, hospitals, offices, universities and all buildings where the building owner has a long-term responsibility for the care and upkeep of the building. The use of steel frames is increasing in the UK as the benefits become more understood.

We work in partnership with one of the major European door frames producers to supply projects with a huge portfolio of door frames which include sliding doors in a pocket, in a recess or on the surface and many different internal glazing solutions. Our expertise is to marry the door frame with the correct door construction- veneer, laminate, laminate with PVC lippings or fully encapsulated.

Where would you consider using steel frames?

  • Durability and ease of cleaning - Steel provides a solid base and is resistant to warping, absorbing moisture and does not shrink or expand. The frames are produced from pre galvanised sheets and the surface is further protected by a colour fast application of polyester powder coating. Antibacterial coating is also available for food processing, laboratory or clinical use.
  • Offsite manufacturing and speed of installation – Fixings allow for speed and ease of installation and frames arrive fully finished with integral architraves and prepared for hinges, locks and any special hardware requirements. In the same way, our doors can be fully prepared for the hardware so overall, the doorset is ready for your installation. This high quality solution reduces snagging to the minimum and reduces the risk of retentions being held at the end of the contract period.
  • Value – steel frames are comparable in price to painted hardwood frames but being fully finished, they offer you an excellent alternative. Time and cost of decoration is removed from site and the speed of installation allows you to install the doors at a later stage of construction.
  • Environment – frames are expected to last the lifetime of the building and are 100% reclaimable at the end of use. Frames can be demounted and used elsewhere. The frames are manufactured from 24.9% recycled material and the manufacturing process can contribute towards LEED Indoor Environmental Standards.
Steel Frames