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As well as showcasing our vast portfolio of natural veneers, we are also able to offer our range of smoked and dyed veneers as a unique and interesting choice.

Smoked or Fumed veneers are produced by exposing tannin rich hardwoods (such as European oak) to ammonia fumes in a sealed compartment. Variations in colour are caused through differing tannin content in the log itself hence you get a richer more natural effect than can be achieved through the use of a stain or dye.

Dyed veneers infinitely expand the colour pallet open to designers. The effect is achieved through immersing the veneer in a heated dye bath inside a pressurised chamber. When the colour is absorbed the pressure is released and the veneer is removed.

Please bear in mind colours may vary on different displays, hence we always recommend ordering a physical sample.

Should you not find what you’re looking for here, we can arrange an assisted visit to our suppliers’ veneer processing facility in North London to choose individual veneer log(s) for specific projects.


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