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C W Fields were the proud suppliers of over 600 bespoke doorset assemblies to the Harbour Medium Secure Mental Health Unit in Blackpool. The hospital received extensive design input from mental health experts and professionals at the forefront of developments within the sector. The core objective of the facility was to provide patients with state of the art therapy which focuses on empowerment, recovery and independence. 

Drawing on our experience supplying doorsets for various mental health applications, we were able to assist with design considerations based on good practice guidance and ‘safety by design’ to ensure patients are provided with the highest possible level of care.

The Solution

The unit was designed to cater for patients with severe risk of suicide alongside other dangers associated with mental health issues, hence it was paramount that we provide a solution which not only protects its users from the risk of fire, but also helped reduce the risk of self-harm or suicide. 

Having received the specification and measurements, our technical team and projects managers were put to task to make sure our products we capable of meeting the high demands and usage a door will encounter in a healthcare unit of this type.  We decided to use both Fields Duracore and Timbercore for the FD30S and FD60S respectively.  Due to the robust usage in hospitals and healthcare units, these products are more than capable of withstanding a great deal of day to day abuse. 

Working closely with a leading manufacturer of anti-ligature and safety products for the healthcare sector, our doorsets ensured maximum levels of patient safety and comfort.

We also paired our doors with various bespoke ironmongery components to further eliminate the risk to a patient.  These included door top alarms, top to bottom hinge systems, double swing hinge systems and removable doorstops all providing anti ligature solutions.  Alongside the safety features provided by the ironmongery, we were tasked to help provide the dignity and privacy patients require. For this we fitted state of the art privacy windows to allow the patients privacy, whilst also allowing the carers to check on the patients safety, further diminishing the risk upon themselves.


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